Bryant's Essentials

A laundry brand with screen-printed chore instructions on specific chore-related items. The goal was to take everyday tasks and depict them in a unique, simple, and enjoyable way. Although chores can be thought of as boring and meaningless, one cannot deny that they play an important factor in living a healthier life. Many people were raised in different situations, therefore not everyone has learned the same daily tasks that can be thought of as important. The questions asked in this project were: How do we live a clean life? How do I get people to care more? How do I motivate people to do chores?

I realized that a sense of fulfillment emerged as a vital part of the human experience. The Asian household where I was raised in and first learned to complete chores had mostly warm hues in the furniture. Wanting to harness the feeling of order, peace, and cleanliness, the color palette was created with earth tones. The philosophy was that when one finishes keeping an area tidy or clean, one gains a sharper sense of focus and can tackle their goals with a more grounded mindset.

An engaging and easy-going experience that teaches about chores.

Services: Branding, Illustration, Art Direction