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Photography | Mario Clark

My longest design project has been the Public Relations Coordinator and Graphic Designer for Texas Transfer Students, a transfer organization at the University of Texas at Austin that provides opportunities for academic and social integration necessary to ease college transition.

In order to capture transfers' attention, I wanted to create a brand identity that made this organization stand out amidst the sea of burnt orange and ultimately aimed for a minimalist and timeless aesthetic. The identity system highlights the city of Austin in a Texas element and strongly incorporates a diamond motif, inspired by the unique and challenging experience that transfers undergo at UT. A challenge I wanted to tackle during the design process was whether transfers would positively react towards such a simple design. I decided that adding more colors in our theme would balance out the scales: the grayscale colors highlight the contemporary aspect whereas the warm tones continued to exemplify UT’s burnt orange passion on a minimalist scale. The unique brand ended up drastically increasing followings on all social media platforms and let our student audience know that while we were a professional club, we offered a unique opportunity on the Forty Acres.


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